UK schools are creating special classes to teach students who have been influenced by Andrew Tate’s ideology and to counter any harmful effects of this brainwashing.

British American Andrew Tate, a self-proclaimed misogynist, has been taken into police custody in Romania along with his brother on charges of human trafficking and organized crime. Tate, a former kickboxer, has a large following, primarily composed of teenagers, on social media. Teachers in the UK have expressed concern that Tate’s arrest and resulting surge in popularity may have a negative impact on their students. Some schools have even started holding special assemblies or using personal social and health education lessons to help students critically examine the misogynistic content that Tate promotes. In fact, a school in South London recently held a presentation for a group of 14-year-olds after teachers became worried about the students being influenced by Tate, according to the Sunday Times.






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