Isreal V/s Hamas, everything you need to know!

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The history:

Modern-day Israel was established by David Ben-Gurion in 1948, but its existence, as per historical records, dates back over 500 years.

The problem:

Arabs and Palestinians take issue with Israel’s existence primarily for three reasons:

  1. They believe the establishment itself was unlawful.
  2. The portrayal of Jews in holy scriptures.
  3. The threat to their land due to the geographical location and the West’s support for Israel.

The issue

The Arabs’ case is not entirely unfounded. It’s true that, with Western support, Israel dominated the region for many decades. Whether it was to prevent war or for the West’s profit is a question worth asking. However, Hamas compromised the Arab case with rocket attacks and assaults on civilians. Is Israel completely justified in its current actions? No. But was Hamas entirely wrong for killing civilians? Yes. In a way, Hamas undermined the entire Arab case, providing Israel with diplomatic leverage and justification for a military response to eradicate Gaza.

So, who is responsible for all this? In a way, Hamas is responsible. Both Israelis and Palestinians have suffered because of them. However, the problem is that no one wants to see it this way; everyone wants to take sides. The only solution is to embrace a two-state land and find a way to avoid any military conflicts.

It’s not going to be easy, though. We are all on a thin line.

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