Why are there two names for every city hosting the Women’s World Cup?

In a step towards honoring Indigenous culture and heritage, stadiums in New Zealand and Australia will be making an active effort to pronounce Indigenous names correctly and share the stories that lie behind them. This concerted effort aims to create awareness and respect for the rich Indigenous history in both countries.

Indigenous names hold immense significance and reflect the deep connections that Indigenous communities have with their lands. By mispronouncing or neglecting these names, a vital cultural link is lost, resulting in a disservice to the people who have called these places home for generations.

Acknowledging the importance of this matter, stadiums in New Zealand and Australia have taken up the responsibility to improve the pronunciation of Indigenous names. By embracing this effort, communities hope to foster greater understanding and appreciation for Indigenous cultures, while also preserving and celebrating the unique stories embedded within these names.

This initiative signifies a significant step forward in the ongoing journey towards reconciliation and respect for Indigenous people. It sends a powerful message that their voices and narratives matter, and that their rich cultural heritage deserves recognition and understanding.

As the stadiums in New Zealand and Australia implement these changes, visitors and spectators will now have the opportunity to learn the proper pronunciations and gain deeper insights into the Indigenous histories associated with the places they visit. In doing so, they contribute to a more inclusive and culturally diverse society that values and respects all its inhabitants, regardless of their background.

This collective effort to pronounce Indigenous names correctly and share their stories is a testament to the desire for greater cultural awareness and respect. It is a small but significant step towards healing the wounds of the past and fostering a more harmonious future for all who call these lands home.